Double Cars Vertical Hydraulic Parking Lift

Product Description: Double Cars Vertical hydraulic parking lift
Item: hydraulic parking Lift
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Port: Shanghai, China
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Supply Ability: 500 units/per Month
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C

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Product Details


Double Cars Vertical hydraulic parking lift 


High intelligence and full automatic car parking and car retrieval

I. Equipment description

The hydraulic MINI-type mechanical parking equipment is specially designed and developed by our company for some special places and families by introducing technologies from abroad and combining the actual condition in China.

The equipment has the advantages that are not possessed by other equipment:

1. The structure is simple and the appearance is beautiful and magnificent; 2. The hydraulic lifting is adopted, making the running simple and the noise small; 3. It can be used individually, with convenient moving and simple foundation treatment; 4. The power consumption is less and it can be used at the 220v frequently-used home power supply; 5. The requirement for installation site and space is low and it is suitable for the family, residence community and other places, and therefore, the non-standard design can be adopted according to the site requirement.

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