Comb Finger Vertical Lifting Parking System

Product Description: comb finger vertical lifting parking system
Item: vertical lifting parking system
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Port: Shanghai, China
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Supply Ability: 500 units/per Month
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Comb finger vertical lifting parking system

Comb finger vertical lifting parking system is a kind of vertical lifting parking system use a comb finger frame to load and lifting the cars to each layer.


Key components:Steel structure,rotation lifting device,super-speed lifting device,lifting load carrier,automatic control system and a complete set of parking detecting system,security system and automatic fire suppression system.

Working principle: 

Lifting mechanism and lifting load carrier lift vehicles to appointed layers,then sliding mechanism on lifting load carrier delivers vehicles or pallets to parking spaces;or otherwise,sliding mechanism delivers vehicles or pallets in appointed parking spaces into lifting load carrier,dropping to vehicle entrance.When automatic door opens,drivers can drive their cars away.

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