Plate Vertical Lifting System

Product Description: Plate vertical lifting system
Item: vertical lifting parking system
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Port: Shanghai, China
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Product Details


Plate vertical lifting system

Plate vertical lifting system is a kind of vertical lifting parking system use a rolling plate to load and lifting the cars to each layer.


Overview:Vertical lifting mechanical parking system is also called tower parking system.Lifting load carrier lifts pallets and vehicles to appointed layers,and then pallet together with vehicles are slid in or out of parking spaces under the traction of sliding mechanism on lifting load carrier.

Technical feature and scope of application

It is with small floor and high space utilization,parking 30-60cars in 50 square meters.

Vertical lifting mechanical parking system is with features of high-performance,low noise,energy saving,high running ,speedy access,cars going forwards to enter and exit,complete safety devices,easy operation and maintenance,etc.

It adops variable frequency speed-regulating technology with high vehicle accessing efficiency and leading industry technology.

It is optimally installed in prosperous city center and vehicle centralized parking places.

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