High Rise Elevator Traveling Cable

SF-HREC01 SF-HREC02 SF-HREC03 Conductor Type: Stranded Conductor Material: Copper Insulation Material: PVC Range of Application: Flame Retardant Insulation: PVC/D Type PVC Compound Insulation Core Structure: Core Centered on Bearing Core (Filler) Twisted Int Rated Voltage: Nominal Conductor

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                   High Rise Elevator Traveling Cable    

             A grip device to guide and support a traveling cable on a construction elevator assembly includes an outer metal sleeve having an inner polyvinylchloride liner. The sleeve is formed in two mating parts which telescopingly receive the traveling cable. A plurality of tightening clamps are mounted on the sleeve and bear against one of the liner parts. The liner can thus be tightened onto or loosened from the traveling cable. The construction elevator assembly includes a machine room assembly which operates an elevator for ferrying men and equipment throughout the building during its construction. The machine room is periodically craned upwardly in the building as the latter continues to rise in height. The traveling or power cable must be supported in the hoistway and must be lengthened each time the machine room is lifted, and the sleeve of this invention provides good support for the cable, and can be loosened from the cable each time the latter is lengthened during a jump.



High Rise Elevator Traveling Cable Make your elevator stronger

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