Low Rise Elevator Traveling Cable

SF-LRC01 SF-LRC02 SF-LRC03 Conductor Material: Copper Type: Flat Traveling Cable for Low Rise Elevator Conductor Type: Solid Transport Package: Wooden Drum Origin: China Cover Material: PVC Material Shape: Round Wire Wire Core Material: Bare Copper Wire Specification: 305M Technical parameters

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                      Low Rise Elevator Traveling Cable

              To obtain a traveling cable device normally held at a retreating position and operated as required for separating a traveling cable from a side surface of a car. ! Under low temperature in an elevator shaft 1, the curvature radius of a projecting curve part 9 of an lower end gets longer as a coating layer of the traveling cable 8 is made of synthetic resin. In this status, an operating means 10 is de-energized and a protection body 12 on a tip of an operating part 11 retreats. This solves a problem of spoiling the appearance of the car 6 in an elevator having the elevator shaft 1 with the car 6 visible from the outside. Under high temperature in the elevator shaft 1, the curvature radius of the projecting curve part 9 of the traveling cable 8 gets shorter. A control device 13 operates under high temperature, and the traveling cable 8 is pushed by the protection body 12 of the operating means 10 to be separated from the car 6, which prevents generation of damages caused by contacts of the traveling cable 8 with the car 6. ! 



Low Rise Elevator Traveling Cable Make your elevator run faster

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