Elevator 2-panels Center Opening Door Operator

Elevator 2-panels center opening door operator Quick Details Permanent magnet variable frequency and voltage regulation control Operating voltage AC220V Car top or front wall installation optional Fully digitized close-loop control Asynchronous door vane, synchronous belt drive Mechanical lock

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                  Elevator 2-panels Center Opening Door Operator


1.Asynchronous motor operates by VF or vector control system. When using VF control, it is unnecessary to use speed sensor. Not only control method is simple, but also a single controller can drive same multiple type of motor as well.

2.Under the vector control mode,the motor can be driven smoothly with the speed information.

3.It is not necessary to consider demagnetization if using asynchronous motors. Moreover, with the large stall torque,asynchronous motor can be suitable for more types of door system.


1.It can reach high performance with USA Fairchild SPMTM and USA TI DSP processor.

2.It is equipped with VF control or closed-loop vector control, which possess VR compensation functions.

3.Adjustable torque compensation makes it fit for the elevator doors of different weights.

4.Maintaining multi-mode closed torque extends the motor life by reducing motor heating effectively.

5.It is designed to be ultra-thin(5.6cm) with compact structure for flexible installation.Synchronous

transmission structure, simplify the mechanical device maximally, to decrease the mechanical failure and increase products' reliability.

Simple structure,Convenient debug,Safe and reliable.


Elevator 2-panels Center Opening Door Operator Put the door on and off on time

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