Elevator Door Lock

Elevator Door lock The door lock is arranged on the door, and the locking action is played. The door lock is mainly composed of a lock hook, a lock block, a force applying element, a rolling wheel, a lock door wheel, an electric safety electric shock and a triangle lock. 1, the lock hook lock

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    Elevator Door Lock details

          Disclosed is an elevator door lock device, comprising a left fastening rod, a right fastening rod, a car door lock assembly, a landing door lock assembly and a base, wherein the left fastening rod, the right fastening rod and the car door lock assembly are all rotatably connected to the base; the landing door lock assembly is mounted on a landing door and the landing door lock assembly comprises a roller assembly; when driven by a belt, the right fastening rod is capable of performing reciprocating rotation between a first position and a second position relative to the base; and during the process of the right fastening rod moving from the first position to the second position, the right fastening rod pushes the roller assembly to unlock the landing door assembly, and at the same time, the roller assembly pushes the left fastening rod to unlock the car door lock assembly. The method for opening the elevator door is successively unlocking a landing door lock and a car door lock, and finally enabling a car door and a landing door to be opened in a linkage manner, thus preventing the car door lock from becoming blocked during the process of opening the car door, and improving the reliability of elevator operation and the aesthetic feeling thereof.

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