Elevator Insulated Door

Elevator insulated door The insulated door has been designed for installation in complex environments, such as stadiums, underground stations and train station, where solidity and resistance against all types of strain are indispensable requirements. Anti-tampering safety devices and door

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Elevator Insulated Door detail

              Interior insulated tempered glass for elevators doors Items Products Detailed Descriptions Raw Materials Clear float glass Thickness Choice 3-19mm Available Size Maximum 2400*3600 Key Technology Tempered glass | Laminated glass Processing flows Glass cutting | Edging | Chamfering | Polishing | Drilling | Washing | Tempering Specific Usage Glass for interior elevators doors Structure Solid safety Shape Style frameless Functions Contemporary.

             High safety COMPANY QUICK DETAILS Certificate: CE, ISO, CCC, BS6202, ROHS, REACH 

             MOQ: Lowest MOQ, 1pc for sample checking is available Accepted 

             Sample: Accepted 

             Technique: Acid Etched Glass, Chemical frosted Glass, Spray paint glass, Silkscreen printing glass, Sand-blasting glass, Tempered glass, Toughened glass , Insulated Glass, laminated glass, AR Coated glass, AG Coated glass, AF Coated glass etc 

             Processing art: glass cutting – glass edging – glass chamfering – glass tempering – glass printing – glass insulating – glass laminating – glass packing 

             Payment protection: 100% ensure your money safe On-time 

             Shipment: 100% shipment on time guarantee 

             Product quality protection: 100% quality guarantee FEATURES OF INSULATED GLASS for ELEVATORS

             1. Good insulation properties (K Value for ordinary insulating glass ( K= thermal conductivity ) is up to 3.0 and 5.8 for monolayer glass ), can largely cut energy consumption.

             2. Low moisture permeability, will keep the indoor temperature and to avoid the glass frosting.

             3. Insulating glass is up to -50 ° C can reduce outside noise of 30 dB. 

             4. Good anti-aging properties, the usage life will be more than 10 years.

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Elevator Insulated Door Keep your life safe at all times

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