Explosion Proof Elevator Door

Explosion proof elevator door Reliability, flexibility and pleasant aesthetic design for every architectural solution. Ideal for explosion proof application, features high flexibility and a complete portfolio of finishes and fixings. Wide range of frame customizations,special executions

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Explosion Proof Elevator Door

           The explosion-proof elevator adopts the most advanced AC variable voltage and frequency (VVVF) speed regulation technology, which ensures the elevator to run safely and reliably.

           The explosion-proof elevator IICT4 explosion-proof grade explosive gas and dust composite explosion-proof elevator for users to choose.

           The maximum load of explosion-proof elevator is 5000kg, the maximum speed is 1.0m/s, and the gas explosion-proof grade is IIBT4. Its main performance meets Class II Zone 1.

           The maximum load of explosion-proof elevator is 5000kg and the maximum speed is 1.0m/s, which can meet the requirements of the elevator in the compound explosion-proof place of gas and dust.

           The explosion-proof grade is IICT4, the dust explosion-proof grade is DIPA21TA, T4 IP54.

           Elevator car, hall door, sedan door selection is exquisite, corrosion-resistant, non-deformable, durable.

           The anti-corrosion paint technology is applied to the car frame and heavy parts in the shaft, which greatly prolongs the service life of the elevator.        img6

Explosion Proof Elevator Door Protect your life

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