Elevator Sliding Guide Shoes

Sheet of technical parameter for the sliding guide shoes Model: SG01 Rated speed car(m/s):/ Rated speed CWT(m/s): 2.0 Width of guide rail K( mm): 10 16 Force Fx (N): 800 Force Fy(N):1500 Install Method:car side install Applied to product: Passenger elevator Model: SG26 Rated speed car(m/s):2.0

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                               Elevator Sliding Guide Shoes

     Elevator Sliding Guide Rail Shoes, Elevator Shoes for Elevator Cabin and Counterweight.


1. Main Types: Mitsubishi, Schindler, Hitachi, Otis type

2. Used for the cabin and counterweight

3. Suitable for elevator guide rail width


Safe has supplying various types and specifications of elevator sliding guide shoes in big volume as per customer's requirement.


Elevator Sliding Guide Shoes Let the elevator run more steadily

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