Elevator Intelligent System

  • Earthquake Detector

    Earthquake Detector

    SF-ED01 SF-ED02 SF-ED03 Input voltage:AC220+10% 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz Output way:2 relay output Contacts capacity:1.0 A 30 V DC, 0.5 A 125 V AC Frequency response:0.1 Hz ~ 30 Hz Reset way:manual reset Alarm record:100 strips Overall Power Consumption:< 1 W Weight:1kg The elevator...Read More
  • Elevator Energy Saving Device

    Elevator Energy Saving Device

    SF-ESD01 SF-ESD02 SF-ESD03 Power range: 0~30kw Brake mode: Bi-directional auto voltage tracking mode Response time: below 2ms, has several algorithm of noise filter Allowed network voltage: AC150~460,45~66Hz Movement voltage: DC270~780V(adjustable), deviation 2V Brake moment:...Read More
  • Elevator IC Intelligent System

    Elevator IC Intelligent System

    SF-EICIS01 SF-EICIS02 SF-EICIS03 IC card elevator intelligent management system aims to provide an intelligent support for operational management of elevators, which enables the operation of the elevator to become a manageable, extensible, controllable and cost-measurable...Read More
  • Elevator Emergency Call System

    Elevator Emergency Call System

    SF-ECS01 SF-ECS02 SF-ECS03 Input voltage: 12Vdc ± 10% Ring level:> 80dB Call loudness:> 80dB Standby current: <20mA Call way: Full duplex Five-way intercom system is the elevator intercom products, intercom system using four wires connected to the car roof, car,...Read More
  • Elevator Digital Intercom System

    Elevator Digital Intercom System

    SF-DIS01 SF-DIS02 SF-DIS03 SF-DIS04 Functional advantage Can be recorded from the live voice One-button automatic call Digital communication intercom call Anti-interference and anti-electric performance Engineering wiring is simple, reliable and safe Frequency, software,...Read More
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