Elevator Energy Saving Device

SF-ESD01 SF-ESD02 SF-ESD03 Power range: 0~30kw Brake mode: Bi-directional auto voltage tracking mode Response time: below 2ms, has several algorithm of noise filter Allowed network voltage: AC150~460,45~66Hz Movement voltage: DC270~780V(adjustable), deviation 2V Brake moment: less than 150%

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Elevator Energy Saving Device   


○ National key product in new plan Reported by CCTV repeatedly
○ ¥20 million guarantee by Min an insurance
○ Integrate Save electricity 30%
○ Used in the ministry of science and technology, the general hospital of China PLA
   and other more than 1000 energy saving program in countrywide







If we can apply the energy saving device to every elevator, we will save 11.4billion
kWhs energy, just like saving 3,800,000 ton standard coal, reduce 9,950,000 ton

carbon dioxide, 32000 ton sulfur dioxide and 28,000 ton nitric oxide gas waste.

Safe Elevator Energy Saving Device Serve you wholeheartedly!!!

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