Elevator Disc Brake Traction Machine

Elevator disc brake traction machine Product Characteristics Model: SL-0307 Traction ratio:2:1 Rated Voltage: 380V Rated load: 630KG, 800KG, 1000KG Rated elevator speed :1.0-2.5m/s Self weight: 225- 280KG Max axis load(KN): 26-35KN Sheave groove no.: 6-8 Traction wheel diameter: 320mm Model:

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                  Elevator Disc Brake Traction Machine

                  For the unreasonable configuration of functional parts of disc brake and the poor stability of microswitch mechanism occurred in traction machine of electric elevator,the structures and working principles of disc brake and microswitch had been studied,and a new type of disc brake with reasonable configuration and excellent performance had been designed.Through experimental comparison between the traditional and optimal structures,the results show that the new type of disc brake has the advantages of shorter braking response time,better microswitch stability and longer service life.



Elevator Disc Brake Traction Machine Let your elevator flex freely

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