Elevator Fiber Core Wire Rope

Fiber core wire rope Material: carbon steel Surface treatment: electric-galvanized Standard: AISI, ASTM, GB, JIS, DIN, EN Construction: 6x19+FC Diameter: 3mm to 60mm Tensile strength: 1770N/mm2, 1960N/mm 2 Certificate: ISO, SGS Features: Superior Strength, Less Flexible than steel Core Used with

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                             Elevator Fiber Core Wire Rope

             Lift Solutions has top quality elevator wire rope in several strand configurations, cores and lays to meet any traction elevator application project requiring hoist, governor or compensating ropes.

Different kinds of stainless steel wire ropes for different uses:

1, general purpose steel wire rope (including galvanized steel wire rope): mainly used for decoration, pull rod zipper, railings,green wall and so on.

2, elevator wire rope: according to the national standard, the elevator equipment in the high-rise building is used in the elevator equipment. The structure is tight, soft and the structure is small. Usually, the structure of 1*19 shares is used, and the flexibility of the stainless steel wire is also high.
3, aviation wire rope: used for aircraft aerial or aerial cables, requiring high fatigue performance, corrosion resistance and high strength performance.
4, oil wire rope: mainly used for oil mines, friction in the channel can not cremate phenomenon, easy to cause explosion.
5, overhead ropeway and cable car wire rope: used in the air transportation track, with the cable car as a transport tool, the wire rope has a greater safety factor, corrosion resistance, the smooth surface of the wire rope can not have burr.
6. Reusable wire rope: high tensile strength of wire rope, good soft performance, no rotation resistance to distortion fatigue, not loose, this is our usual non rotating anti reverse stainless steel wire rope.
7. Fishing wire rope: for trawl, net, coil net, etc., all work in rivers, lakes and sea environments, requiring good corrosion resistance and softness.
8. Macro morning reminds everyone to choose different wire rope under different circumstances. Abuse will cause some serious accidents.

Most commonly used were flexibility is important. Common applications include winches, exercise equipment, aircraft controls, running rigging on sailboats.

7 x 19 wire rope is constructed of seven strands of nineteen wires. 7 x 19 is stronger than 7 x 7 and has excellent flexibility and good abrasion resistance. Superior strength allows for multiple uses, such as guy wires, net suspension, animal leash, tether lines and winches.


      Stainless Steel for excellent weather resistance

  • Heavy duty

  • Working load limit of 740 lbs

  • Maximum working load limit that shall be applied in direct tension to a new and undamaged wire rope

  • Do not use for overhead lifting, do not exceed the working load limit

Technical Date

Breaking Loads
Nominal DiameterApproximate MassMinimum breaking loads - 1570 Mpa

Our Elevator Fiber Core Wire Rope is the strongest in the world.

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