Elevator Mix Core Wire Rope

Mix core wire rope Standard: AISI, ASTM, GB, JIS, DIN, EN Diameter: 8mm to 22mm Tensile strength: 1370/1770MPa, 1570/1770MPa Construction:8x19S+IWRC,8X19W+IWRC,8X25Fi+IWRC Technical Details:

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                          Elevator Mix Core Wire Rope

                The present invention relates to a wire rope for a high-rise elevator. The wire rope according to the present invention comprises a center strand, which comprises 36 element wires, ten outer strands, each comprising 26 element wires, twisted around the center strand, and ten steel cores, each comprising seven element wires, interposed between the center strand and the outer stands, thereby defining a 10×26+[1×36+10×7] structure, wherein at least one of the steel cores comprises a fiber core (F) at the center thereof, thereby defining a 10×26+[{(10-N)×7+N×(6+F)}+1×36](N=1-10) structure. The present invention relates to a wire rope for a high-rise elevator, which maintains high-elasticity and low-elongation characteristics, and which guarantees stable inunction.

   Elevator Mix Core Wire Rope Ensure the safe operation of elevators

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