Steel Wire Rope For High Speed Elevators

High-speed elevator wire rope Material:High Carbon steel(stainless steel 304/316) Load capacity:320-1600kgs Speed:2.5-4.0m/s Size:8mm-22mm There are emergency stocks for regular sizes. Packing:Roll + wooden pallet(wooden/plastic roll+wooden/plastic pallet) Technical Details:

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          Steel Wire Rope For High Speed Elevators

    Elevators used in skyscrapers have very long main wire support ropes and elevator speed is very high, so it is feared that, when the buildings are vibrated by a strong wind or a big earthquake, the transverse vibration of the main wire ropes is resonant with the vibration of the buildings. Models were made of the dynamic systems of the main wire support rope and the building. These models are represented by the hyperbolic partial differential equations, which were solved numerically with a digital computer. A summary of the results is as follows: Not only the fundamental but also secondary vibration of the long main wire support rope used on high speed elevators are resonant with fundamental vibration of the building. Moreover, it was clarified that, when the speed of the elevator is as high as that of the transverse wave of the wire rope, there appears a standing wave near the forced point, which cases the elevator cage to vibrate.  



Steel Wire Rope For High Speed Elevators Ensure elevator flexibility

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