Elevator Compensation Chain

Elevator compensation chain description The elevator compensation chain is generally used, the structure of the chain wrapped PVC rubber composite wire rope is used to compensate for the weight of the elevator running smoothly. When the elevator is on the top floor, the wire rope is on the heavy

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                  Elevator Compensation Chain details

Advantage of Plastic-wrapped Elevator Balance Compensation Chain
1. Plastic-wrapped elevator balance compensating chain is made of best welding anchor chain, wrapped by synthetic PVC, and the surface has been specially anti-rust treated, then processed by special techniques.
2. It has below strong traits such as: flexible, small curve radius, fire-resistant, wear-resistant, noiseresistant, anti-aging and not vulnerable to be split out.
3. It can be used for the elevator with rated speed below and equal to 1.75m/s
4. It can be used at the temperatures of -15ºC to +60ºC.

Basic Parameters:

Model No.Unit Weight (kg/m)Min. Bending Diameter (mm)Broken Load (≥KN)Max. Length (m)
WFU Φ60.88±0.226013.32180
WFU Φ71.23±0.226018.18185
WFU Φ81.49±0.226023.55190
WFU Φ91.88±0.228029.98190
WFU Φ102.23±0.228037.00230
WFU Φ112.96±0.230042.70240
WFU Φ123.24±0.230048.50240
WFU Φ133.72±0.232062.23240
WFU Φ144.46±0.232065.80240

Optional color of this plastic wrapped elevator compesation chain: red, black, blue. 


Our Elevator Compensation Chain Make your elevator last longer.

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