Elevator Parts

  • Elevator Energy Saving Device

    Elevator Energy Saving Device

    SF-ESD01 SF-ESD02 SF-ESD03 Power range: 0~30kw Brake mode: Bi-directional auto voltage tracking mode Response time: below 2ms, has several algorithm of noise filter Allowed network voltage: AC150~460,45~66Hz Movement voltage: DC270~780V(adjustable), deviation 2V Brake moment:...Read More
  • Elevator IC Intelligent System

    Elevator IC Intelligent System

    SF-EICIS01 SF-EICIS02 SF-EICIS03 IC card elevator intelligent management system aims to provide an intelligent support for operational management of elevators, which enables the operation of the elevator to become a manageable, extensible, controllable and cost-measurable...Read More
  • Elevator Load Weighing Control System

    Elevator Load Weighing Control System

    SF-ELWCS01 SF-ELWCS02 SF-ELWCS03 Load Capacity: 5000kg Speed: >3.50m/s Control Type: Microcomputer Frequency Control Use for: Elevator Load Weighting Device Installation: Install Under The Elevator Cabin Working Principle: This system weighs the elevator car load based on...Read More
  • Elevator Emergency Call System

    Elevator Emergency Call System

    SF-ECS01 SF-ECS02 SF-ECS03 Input voltage: 12Vdc ± 10% Ring level:> 80dB Call loudness:> 80dB Standby current: <20mA Call way: Full duplex Five-way intercom system is the elevator intercom products, intercom system using four wires connected to the car roof, car,...Read More
  • Elevator Digital Intercom System

    Elevator Digital Intercom System

    SF-DIS01 SF-DIS02 SF-DIS03 SF-DIS04 Functional advantage Can be recorded from the live voice One-button automatic call Digital communication intercom call Anti-interference and anti-electric performance Engineering wiring is simple, reliable and safe Frequency, software,...Read More
  • Elevator Rail Clamp Device

    Elevator Rail Clamp Device

    SF-RCD01 1.Advanced proprietary technology INVENTION: Electromagnetic rail clamp device - 201210488442.6 2.To eliminate car shake created by passenger's getting in and out, promote the quality of elevator riding comfort 3.Specially apply to elevator with roller guide...Read More
  • Elevator Rope Brake

    Elevator Rope Brake

    SF-UCMP01 SF-ERB001 Triggering mode: over-speed governor upward mechanical triggering or electrical triggering Reset mode: manually Functioning position: traction wire rope Installation: upright or upside down SF-RB106A-D/J01Read More
  • Elevator Limit Switch

    Elevator Limit Switch

    SF-OS27-S3 Load Capacity: 1000kg 2.Speed: 1.00-2.00m/s 3.Use of Occasions: Indoor Type 4. Rated insulation voltage: 500V 5. Rated voltage: 230V, 400V, 500V 6. Rated current: 4A, 2.5A, 1A SF-CHL-5000 Type: Angle Limit Switch Switching Element: Speed Switch Max Current: 10A Max...Read More
  • Elevator False Phase Protection

    Elevator False Phase Protection

    SF-FPP01 SF-FPP02 SF-FPP03 Rated voltage: 140~580V AC Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details:voltage protection relay: packed in standard paper carton Delivery Time:2~7 working days based on order quantities 1.out of phase protection circuit design 2. phase dislocation...Read More
  • Elevator Over speed Protection Device

    Elevator Over speed Protection Device

    SF-OPD01 We’ve exported to more than forty countries,and built stable business relationships with customers from over 30 countries such as Canada,USA, Spain, South Korea, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, India, Vietnam, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc.Also we get highly...Read More
  • Elevator Polyurethane Buffer

    Elevator Polyurethane Buffer

    SF-EPB001 Model NO.: Polyurethane Application: Tunnel Boring Machine Condition: New Color: Red Type: Buffer Certification: CE Life Span: 15-20 Years Weight:0.28kg Transport Package: Cartoon Origin: China The polyurethane buffer absorbs energy using the Micro porous bubble...Read More
  • Elevator Oil Buffer

    Elevator Oil Buffer

    SF-EOB01 SF-EOB02 SF-EOB03 We can supply different elevator oil buffers. Buffer is device to provide a final elevator safety protection generally installed in the elevator shaft bottom pit, located right under the car and counterweight. When the elevator runs upward or...Read More
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