Elevator Parts

  • Elevator Flat Traveling Cable

    Elevator Flat Traveling Cable

    SF-FC01 SF-FC02 SF-FC03 nominal sectional area of conductor (mm 2 ) : 0.75, 1.5, 2 Conductor Construction (No./mm) : 30/0.18, 30/0.25, 37/0.26 Current rating (A): 6, 8, 9 Merits of the flat elevator cable 1.High speed travelling property The flat elevator cable with tension...Read More
  • Elevator ARD

    Elevator ARD

    SF-ARD01 SF-ARD02 SF-ARD03 Capacity: 500-1000kg Speed: 1.00 - 2.00m/s Position of Computer Room: Without Computer Room Attendant: Without Attendant Material: Metal Power: 5.5kw 7.5kw Specification: ARD Control Mode: Group Control Deceleration Device: Without Deceleration...Read More
  • Elevator Emergency Power

    Elevator Emergency Power

    SF-EP01 SF-EP02 SF-EP03 Packaging 1.Stylish portable design, easily carrying solar power system; 2.Indicators to display system status, show battery capacity, charge status, error; 3.Diverse charge ways: Refuel from utility grid, car adapter or sunlight; 4.Power output mode:...Read More
  • Elevator Leveling Switch

    Elevator Leveling Switch

    SF-LS01 SF-LS02 SF-LS03 Elevator Leveling Switch It is used for testing elevator door location and cage leveling. It is reliable and has sensitive actions,big load current,high voltage endurable and over voltage protection. Adding an elevator to an existing building Think you...Read More
  • Elevator Leveling Device

    Elevator Leveling Device

    SF-LD01 SF-LD02 SF-LD03 Description: This device is developed for the control system of inverter, using the low-speed operation function of the converter to achieve the purposed of emergency relief. List characteristics are as follows: 1.Easy to install: the equipment can be...Read More
  • Elevator Normal Limit Switch

    Elevator Normal Limit Switch

    SF-LS01 SF-LS02 SF-LS03 Protection Level:IP67 Operating Temperature:-25℃~85℃ Max. Current:15A Max. Voltage:250VAC Electrical Frequency:20 Times/min Mechanical Frequency:240 Times/min Operation Speed:0.01mm-1m/s Electrical Life:5000000 Cycles Characteristics 1. Double way...Read More
  • Elevator Travel Switch

    Elevator Travel Switch

    SF-TS01 SF-TS02 SF-TS03 Specification: Speed: 2.00-3.50m/s Control Type: Microcomputer Control AC: 220V/2A Type: Control System Persons: 11-20 Drive Mode: Manual DC: 180V/0.5A Double-circuit limit switch.is widely used. Firm aluminum alloy enclosure. High mechanical strength....Read More
  • Elevator Inverter

    Elevator Inverter

    SF-EI01 Advantages of AC drives 01 Starting torque: 180%,0.25Hz (sensor-less vector control 2), 150%,0.5Hz (sensor-less vector control 1); 02 Speed adjustable range: 0-50Hz: 1:200 (sensor-less vector control 2), 1:100 (V/Hz control, sensor-less vector control 1); 03 Speed...Read More
  • Elevator LCD Screen

    Elevator LCD Screen

    SF-LCDS01 SF-LCDS02 SF-LCDS03 SF-LCDS04 10.4"/12.1"/15" different size of screen Applications of multimedia advertising player : LCD Advertising Player, Widely used in shopping mall, business centre,hospital, school, supermarket, bank, securities ,hotel,malls,...Read More
  • Elevator Dot Matrix Display

    Elevator Dot Matrix Display

    We can design and customize segment, character, graphic LCD Display and Module(Including LED Back light, IC ) for your clients with different size, shape, display icons. Welcome to contact us for details. We would like to help you develop your new project. FAQ: 1.Q:How can I...Read More
  • Elevator Power Lock

    Elevator Power Lock

    SF-PL01 SF-PL02 SF-PL03 Voltage: DC12V/24V LED: Red, Blue, White, Yellow Type: Communication System Life Times: 3000000 Times Material: Plastic, Metal, PCB Specification: HIGH QUALITY Installation size: φ33 Applicable to all types of elevator installation. Various...Read More
  • Elevator Inspection Box

    Elevator Inspection Box

    SF-EIB01 SF-EIB02 SF-EIB03 SF-EIB04 SF-EIB05 SF-EIB06 Our service: 1. Small order accepted 2. Safe elevator offered: technical drawings or samples welcomed. 3. Popular in the world: good quality, low price, on-time delivery best after-sale service. 4. Quality: High quality...Read More
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