Automobile Elevator

Automobile Elevator

Product name: 4000 kg car elevator
Item: Car Elevator(MR & MRL)
FOB Price: $10000-$18000
Speed: 0.25m/s,0.5m/s,1.0m/s
Load: 3000kg / 5000kg
Traction machine: Geared/Gearless
Material: Painted steel, Hairline stainless steel

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Product Details







Car wall:Painted steel

Ceiling:Painted steel

Lighting:Fluorescent lamp

Car door:Painted steel

Flooring:Checked steel plate


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Car elevator

Car elevator win consistent excellent reputation by taking advantage of outstanding stable leveling technology, solid and durable lift car space as well as wide and bright lift car design, enjoys great popularity in the market.


Product features

The whole elevator car is made of high-quality copper, and the design of high-strength statically indeterminate structure ensures that the long-term use of the car will not deform.

32-bit industrial-grade microprocessors handle data efficiently and in a timely manner, achieving extraordinary comfort, flat accuracy and stability

Considering the particularity of the automobile elevator, the elevator is designed with multiple main and auxiliary rails, which enhances the stability of the elevator.

Equal proportional control technology makes the elevator run smoothly and energy saving. VF frequency conversion door machine ensures stable operation.

Perfect stability

The whole car is designed with high strength statically indeterminate structure, and the car will not be deformed for a long time.

The design of eight or ten rails enhances the stability of the elevator.

Perfect safety

The statically indeterminate steel structure system can withstand the huge load and impact force generated by the car coming in and out of the car.

Configure high sensitivity light screen and parking location protection system to ensure the safe entry and exit of vehicles.

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