Hydraulic Home Elevator

Product name: hydraulic home elevator
Item: Home Elevator(MRL)
FOB Price: $9000-$18000
Persons: 3-5
Speed: 0.4m/s,1.0m/s
Load: 260kg / 320kg / 400kg
Traction machine: Gearless
Machine Roomless(MRL)
Material: Painted steel, Hairline stainless steel, mirror, etched , Titanium gold, rose gold, golden recess, glass.

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Product Details


Ceiling: Hairline finish stainless steel frame, LED light

Car wall: Hairline stainless steel

Handrail: Round stainless steel handrail

Floor: PVC floor



Ceiling: Hairline finish stainless steel frame, acrylic roof

Car wall: Hairline stainless steel,panorama glass

Handrail: Round stainless steel handrail

Floor: PVC floor



Ceiling: Stainless steel frame, acrylic roof

Car wall: Coating steel plate

Floor: PVC floor


Elevator Knowledge Share

Installation of the car frame, safety clamp and guide shoes

1.Establishment of the beam used for installation of the car frame

The car and car frame should be installed on the highest floor in the well, remove the scaffold on the highest floor before the car frame is sent into the well. Dig two parallel 250 mm×250mm holes between which the width is the same with that of the hall door in the well wall facing the hall door, insert one end of two 200 mm×200mm square wood or metal beam into the wall, and the other end is attached to the floor, fix the two ends of the two beams after regulating their depth of parallelism and horizontal degree.

Installation of the body of the safety clamp

1.Check whether the guide width, allowable mass, etc marked on the nameplate of the safety clamp accord with the elevator in installation.

2.Check whether the lead seal on the safety clamp is complete and without damage. The safety clamps have been adjusted well before they leave factory, don’t change anything at will.

3.Fix the safety clamp and the lower beam with bolts. 

When installing the lower beam, for asymptotic style safety clamp, ensure the gap between the two wedges and the guide rail to be 3mm.

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