Shaft Home Elevator

Product name: shaft home elevator
Item: Home Elevator(MRL)
FOB Price: $9000-$18000
Persons: 3-5
Speed: 0.4m/s,1.0m/s
Load: 260kg / 320kg / 400kg
Traction machine: Gearless
Machine Roomless(MRL)
Material: Painted steel, Hairline stainless steel, mirror, etched , Titanium gold, rose gold, golden recess, glass.

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Product Details


Ceiling: Wood frame, LED light

Car wall: Wooden finish, beveled glass mirror with partial blassted, mirror stainless steel

Handrail: Golden stainless steel tube handrail

Floor: PVC floor



Ceiling: Hairline stainless steel, acrylic light decoration down lamp

Car wall: Hairline stainless steel, mirror stainless steel

Floor: PVC floor



Ceiling: Titanium gold stainless steel mirror, acrylic light Emitting panel

Car wall: Titanium gold stainless steel,titanium gold frosted stainless steel

Floor: PVC floor


Elevator Knowledge Share

Installation of the door operator with machine bracket.

1.1 Connect door machine bracket to the upright of car bracket, fixed whit bolts, and connect the diagonal brace of of the door machine frame to the head beam of car bracket.

1.2 Install the door machine to the machine bracket. adjust the door rail, the horizontal degree within1/1000, the vertical degree “a” within 1/1000.

1.3 In case of center opening adjust the center of the door rail to the plumb line of model frame, the error within 1 mm. In case of two panel side-opening door, adjust the door head beam. Make a mark 123 mm distance to the door closing end of the door head beam. Adjust the mark to the plumb line of model frame.

2.Installation of the car door

2.1 Set up the door boards, and underlay a 5mm cushions between the door boards and the sill. Connect the doors to the door hanger with bolts. Add some adjusting cushions when necessary. Adjust the position of the door board so that the gap between the edges of the car door and the car itself is within 5mm.

2.2 Adjust the gap between the eccentric sheave and the guide rail of the door so that it is within 0.5 mm.

2.3 Connect the door linkage and car door together

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