Standard Home Elevator

Product name: standard home elevator
Item: Home Elevator(MRL)
FOB Price: $9000-$18000
Persons: 3-5
Speed: 0.4m/s,1.0m/s
Load: 260kg / 320kg / 400kg
Traction machine: Gearless
Machine Roomless(MRL)
Material: Painted steel, Hairline stainless steel, mirror, etched , Titanium gold, rose gold, golden recess, glass.

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Product Details


Ceiling: Acrylic top panel, mirror stainless steel frame

Car wall: Hairline stainless steel

Controlling box: Integrate controlling box, stainless steel 

Floor: PVC floor



Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel+acrylic+light curtain +LED light

Car wall: Mirror stainless steel

Front wall: Mirror stainless steel

Car door: Mirror stainless steel

Control box: integrated control box, mirror stainless steel

Floor: PVC



Ceiling: Spraying steel plate+ acrylic +LED lights

Car wall: Spraying steel plate

Front wall: Mirror stainless steel

Car door: Mirror stainless steel 

Control box: Integrated control box, mirror stainless steel

Floor: PVC


Elevator Knowledge Share

Installation of the landing door devices

1.1 The relationship between the guide rail of the landing door and the landing sill is shown in Fig. 12-1.

1.2 According to the hanging line, make the parts of the landing door guide rail center precisely, and then fix it with expansion bolts or anchor bolts. The horizontal degree error of the guide rail should be within 1/1000.

1.3 The guide rais of the landing doors should be parallel to the sills, the error o f the two ends and the center of the guide rail should be within ±1mm.

1.4 The verticality error of the guide rail, shown in Fig. 12-3, should be within 0.5mm.

2.Installation of the landing door

2.1 Clean the top rail and the guide groove of the landing sill.

2.2 Set up the door boards, underlay 5mm thick cushion at the bottom of the door and fix the door boards with the hanging boards together with bolts.

2.3 Adjust the gap between the eccentric sheave on the hanging boards frame and the below surface of the guide rail, which is shown in Fig. 12-2, and it should be within 0.5mm.

2.4 The gap between the doorjamb and the door panels as well as the gap between the door panels themselves should be within 4~6mm.

2.5 The interval between the door panels of central opening door should be within 1mm at the entrance. The width of the door gap should be within 2mm for the whole visible height.

2.6 When the door is unclenched a little with slight force, the forced closing device should be able to close it.

2.7 After the landing doors are installed, when they are pulled or pushed, they should run placidly.

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