Hospital Lift

Product name : Hospital Lift
Item : Hospital elevator/ Bed elevator(MR & MRL)
FOB Price : $10000-$18000
Speed:1.0m/s, 1.5m/s, 1.75m/s, 2.0m/s, 2.5m/s
Traction machine: Geared/Gearless
Material: Hairline stainless steel

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Product Details

Model: Hospital lift

Car wall: Hairline stainless steel

Ceiling: Hairline stainless steel,LED lighting

Handrail: Stainless steel flat handrail


Hospital lift

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About bed elevator

Bed elevators must be able to prevent corrosion when selecting the material for a decorative car. Because there are many patients in a medical elevator, it is necessary to disinfect the interior of the car. The interior walls of the car, floors, suspended ceilings, handrails, etc. will all come into contact with some chemical agents. Therefore, materials that can prevent corrosion are used to decorate the interior of the car. Secondly, the appropriate anti-collision buffer treatment should be performed on the hall door and the front wall of the car so that the door guard and the front wall of the car can be protected, and the shock during collision can be reduced to protect the patient in the bed. In addition, in the decorative style of the car can not let the patient feel cold and fear, to reflect a warm and comfortable feeling, so that patients can temporarily forget or reduce the physical pain.

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Hospital Lift

Hospital Lift

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