Garage Elevator

Garage Elevator

Product name :Garage elevator
Item : Car Elevator(MR & MRL)
FOB Price : $10000-$18000
Speed: 0.25m/s,0.5m/s,1.0m/s
Load:/ 3000kg / 5000kg
Traction machine: Geared/Gearless
Material: Painted steel, Hairline stainless steel

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Product Details



Car wall: Painted steel, hairline stainless steel

Ceiling: Painted steel, hairline stainless steel

Lighting: Fluorescent lamp

Car door: Painted steel, hairline stainless steel

Flooring:Checked steel plate

Elevator Knowledge Share

Proper Use of Elevators

Don't jump in the elevator.Many safety switches are installed on the elevator car.If you jump in the car, the car will be heavily tilted, which may lead to protection of the switch and lift the elevator into a state of protection.If this happens, the elevator will stop immediately, causing the crew to be trapped.

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