Panoramic Elevators

Product name : Panoramic Elevators
Item : Panoramic elevator/Sightseeing elevator/ Observation elevator (MR & MRL)
FOB Price : $10000-$18000
Speed:1.0m/s, 1.5m/s, 1.75m/s, 2.0m/s, 2.5m/s
Traction machine: Geared/Gearless
Material: Hairline stainless steel

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Product Details

Model: Panoramic elevators

Car wall: Glass, hairline stainless steel

Ceiling: Hairline stainless steel,LED lighting

Handrail: Stainless steel round/ flat handrail



Elevator Knowledge Share

Elevator Emergency Rescue Device

During the operation of the emergency power supply, there may be an abrupt stop of the operation due to an accident, such as the interruption of the elevator power supply, or the failure of the elevator itself, which inconveniences the passengers trapped in the car and may even endanger life safety. The elevator emergency rescue device is an elevator automatic rescue device developed and produced exclusively for elevators to solve this problem. It can automatically put emergency rescue into place when the above situation occurs, slow down the elevator car to the nearest landing station, open the car door and hall door, and release the trapped passengers.

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