Utility Elevator

Utility Elevator

Product name : Utility elevator
Item : Passenger Elevator(MR&MRL)
FOB Price : $10000-$20000
MR & MRL 2F-30F(450-2000kgs)
Port : Shanghai, China
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 unit
Supply Ability : 500 units/per Month
Payment Terms : T/T

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Product Details


Ceiling: Mirror+LED lamp

Car wall: Titanium mirror etching stainless steel

Controlling box: integrated controlling box

Floor: PVC

Feature: Utility elevator

Elevator Knowledge Share:

The Need to Install elevator fire rated doors

As a tool for daily residents to go upstairs and downstairs, the safety performance of elevators is of utmost importance. Therefore, the prevention of fires in elevators is an indispensable part of daily work. However, there are many real-world reasons for considering cost savings. There is no choice to install fire rated doors. In general, since the elevators are all exposed at the top of the building and exposed to the open air environment, careful consideration should be given to the material selection of the doors. Most customers will use stainless steel fire rated doors because of the frame and the panel material is steel. Materials, after rust treatment, high temperature surface spray, better than general doors. At the same time, the stainless steel fire rated door also has a certain anti-theft performance, forming a certain guarantee for the safety of elevator equipment.

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