Escalator Step Chain

  • Chain For 1000mm Step

    Chain For 1000mm Step

    SF-EC001 SF-EC002 SF-EC003 The features of step chain are: 1.Greater wear resistance. The pin diameter is larger than standard chains. 2.Length from step to step and from chain to chain is strictly controlled. Technical Trends The chains shown above are being adapted for the...Read More
  • Chain For 800mm Step

    Chain For 800mm Step

    SF-EC007 SF-EC008 SF-EC009 Type: chain with 800 mm Step Chain, which is also called Escalator Chain, moves the steps on escalators or drives moving sidewalks. SS Roller Chains are the most commonly used environmentally resistant chains for the manufacture of foods, chemicals,...Read More
  • Chain For 600mm Step

    Chain For 600mm Step

    SF-EC004 SF-EC005 SF-EC006 Type: chain with 600mm 120KN Step Chain,P=135mm,Blue Roller 75x24x6204,Plate W35*T5,Pin Diametar 14.63,Pin Length 116 or 120 190KN Step Chain,P=135mm,Aluminum Hub Roller 75x24x6204,Plate W40*T5,Pin Diametar 14.63,Pin Length 116 or 120 The chain...Read More
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