Moving Walkway

Product Description: Moving Walkway
Item : Moving Walk
FOB Price :$12000-$25000
Conveyor length 10000-110000mm
Travelling Height: 1000-9000 mm
Port : Shanghai/Ningbo, China
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 unit
Supply Ability : 500 units/per Month
Payment Terms : T/T L/C
Brand Name :...

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Product Details

Product Description Moving Walkway

ItemMoving WalkConveyor length 10000-110000mmTravelling Height1000-9000 mm
FOB Price$12000-$25000PortShanghai/Ningbo, ChinaMinimum Order Quantity1 unit
Supply Ability500 units/per MonthPayment TermsT/T  L/CBrand NameSAFEELEVATOR/FUJIHD

Moving Walkway

Moving Walkway

Moving Walkway Specifications

Slope0°-12°Speed0.5m/sPedal typeAluminium alloy
Pedal width800mm-1000mmBalustradeStainless steelSkirt PanelStainless steel

Layout planSingle-set installation, paralleling installation,cross installation, shear V shape installation

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Moving Walkway

Moving Walkway

Escalator & Moving Walkway Knowledge Share

Automatic moving walks are used in places where people, such as shopping malls, airports, stations, docks, and gymnasiums are concentrated. The structure is similar to escalators. It is mainly composed of active pavement and handrails.

The elevator decoration will be classified into automatic moving walks as follows: 1. Classification according to the tread structure Pedal type, the passenger's standing tread is a moving walk made of metal or other materials on the surface with toothed grooves. Tape-type, passenger standing treads for the surface of the continuous steel strips covered with a rubber layer. Tape-type automatic moving walks operate with balance, but they are expensive to manufacture and use, and are suitable for automatic moving walk with high long-distance speeds. Second, according to the classification of handrail decoration Full transparent, refers to the handrail wall plate made of transparent glass made of automatic moving walk, according to the shape of the glass wall plate can be further divided into curved glass and flat glass. 

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