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About Elevator Knowledge With People
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The Harvard Business School website has an "Elevator lobbying" section for alumni. Christine Sullivan, who is responsible for the development of alumni, careers and careers at the college, said that in a brand new world where 140 characters are used to express themselves, everything is reduced to a piece, so it can be clear and concise. It is more important than ever to convey information.


Media company "Black Enterprise" will announce the winner of its "Elevator Pitch Competition" at a conference in Atlanta next week. The players who entered the finals produced videos that were less than two minutes long, explaining their business philosophy and why they were eligible for a $10,000 investment bonus. The finalists included the creator of a Martini wine glass lid, which prevents spilling of alcohol during dancing and the creator of an African-American theme stationery.


The best place for an "elevator display" is not necessarily in the elevator. Charlie O'Donnell, head of the venture capital fund First Round Capital, who was in its infancy, said that you never know who will be taking the elevator with you, nor will you have time to waste.

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