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About Escalator
- May 18, 2018 -

The escalators are motor-driven vertical lifts equipped with box-shaped pods for use on multi-storey buildings to carry people or carry goods. There are also stepped elevators. The tread board is mounted on the track to run continuously. It is mainly composed of a car, a traction system, a guide rail and a control system. The car is used for accommodating passengers or articles. A control board is installed in the car. Passengers transmit the required level signal to the control system through corresponding buttons of the control panel, and can also directly control the opening and closing of the door. The traction part includes the traction ropes installed on the top of the car, the pulley block, the motor and cable winch in the machine room, and the counterweight added to the other end of the traction cable.

When the motor drives the cable winch to rotate, the cable moves to pull the elevator up and down by friction. The elevator is pulled by a set of steel cables, each of which can bear the weight it pulls. Traction power transmission is generally divided into reducer type and no reducer type two. The elevator is decorated so that the car and the counterweight do not move laterally during the vertical movement. The car guide rails and the counterweight guide rails are respectively arranged. The control system consists of the control panel inside the car, the control panel for the waiting doors, the level control memory and the lifting control cabinet.

The role of the control board is to transmit passenger command signals. The hierarchical control memory stores the instructions of the passengers inside and outside the car, and lays down the hierarchical procedures according to the rules of high-level priority and issues the instructions. Multiple elevators in large high-rise buildings often use automatic group control and control methods to automatically schedule elevator operations based on the number of passengers in the car, the instructions inside and outside the car, and the position of the car.

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