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About Installation Of Villa Elevator
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Nowadays, more and more people are installing elevators in order to find convenience. However, there are many aspects of elevator installation that need attention, especially the installation of villa elevators. The following will take everyone to understand what it is necessary to pay attention to when installing a villa elevator.


What should I pay attention to when installing a villa elevator?

1. Consider the location of the hoistway and the location of the space: The space of the hoistway determines the space of the elevator and the size of the door. Installing elevators in the middle of stairs is a good option when combined with stairs.

2. Selection of styles: Selection and determination of styles should mainly consider well environment and personal preference, and then consider cost and difficulty.

3, function and safety measures are well-known: the general lack of elevator users professional knowledge, we must understand its function, do some hidden precautions.

4. Selection of sedan type: In order to save the area, double doors are usually used to open the automatic doors. The side-mounted solution is also reasonable.

5. The design of the top floor and the bottom pit: the bottom pit is to install the buffer and to hold the bottom of the car, and the top floor to install the bearing.

6. the speed design: the general villa floor is not very high, mainly for the elderly and the mobility of the downstairs convenience.

7. Interior and exterior decoration: The emphasis of decoration is not luxury but a combination of home improvement styles, and the display of elevators can increase the sense of technology. External veneer, tiling or marble can be, but also can directly paint.

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