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About Seat Elevator
- Jun 13, 2018 -

A seat lift is an elevator that runs on the side of a stairway. The main role is to help people with inconvenient actions (disabled persons and the elderly) get up and down the stairs at home.

Houses in developed countries in Europe and America generally have stairs inside, but many houses do not have space for installing ladders. In order to make it easier for people with inconvenient actions to go up and down stairs, some companies have introduced elevators that can be installed on stairs.

The structure of the seat elevator is generally composed of three parts: the track, the drive device, and the seat. The drive device and the seat are installed together, so from the appearance, the seat elevator is like a chair running on the track.

The structure of a seat elevator is generally composed of two parts: a track and a seat that walks on the track. The seat itself has a drive device. From the appearance, the seat elevator is like a chair that runs on a track. It is very easy and convenient to take the stair lift. You just sit down and press the button on the armrest and the seat starts to move. Slow and smooth operation, very smooth. When you leave the button, the chair lift can automatically stop running. Press the button again to continue walking. In addition, the safety is also very good, people seated on a seat belt with protection will not fall down, lift the seat to meet the obstacles can automatically stop, power outages do not have to worry about affecting the use, because the drive power is used to be recharged Battery.

The world’s first rail-mounted up and downstairs lift system appeared in the United Kingdom in 1972, when a British engineer designed and developed this product for his wife with rheumatoid arthritis who had difficulty going up and down the stairs. Subsequently, many other countries in the world such as Japan, the United States, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and other countries have successively developed and developed this product. The shape of the product is from the early motor in the upper part of the seat, through the traction of the nylon rope, developed to be pulled by the wire rope, the seat can not be rotated from the fixed, and it can be rotated. In about 1987, the motor was moved from the top of the seat to the bottom of the seat, and the traction method was changed to a chain type. In the late 1990s, a DC motor drive method appeared in the drive mode, and the traction mode was changed to a track and gear transmission method. The power supply was changed from AC to a rechargeable battery. Therefore, this type of stair lift chair has long been a mature product that has been continuously improved and improved for many years now, especially in Japan. The

At present, domestic manufacturers of such stair-lifts have already had a higher starting point. The functions of foreign products, such as folding and swiveling of seats, almost all of them have encountered obstacles, such as automatic stop, no noise, and recharging. have. The appearance is also similar to that of foreign countries. The price is only one-third of the foreign price.

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