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Advantages Of Machine Roomless Villa Elevator?
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Machine roomless villa elevator, accurately speaking all standard home elevators, villa elevators are machin -roomless. Machine roomless elevators are relative to elevators in machine rooms, that is, using modern production technology to miniaturize the equipment in the equipment room as far as possible while maintaining the original performance, eliminating the need for a computer room and the control cabinet in the original engine room. Traction machines, speed limiters, etc. are moved to the top of the hoistway or to the side of the hoistway, thereby eliminating the traditional machine room. In order to meet the customer's special requirements for height and roof. For example, the top floor height of an organic house is generally required to be more than 3 meters and the machine roomless elevator 2.8 meters is enough, and conventional houses can meet this requirement.

What are the advantages of machine roomless elevators?

1. The advantage of a machine roomless room is to save space. You can only make a maintenance platform under the host.

2. Since there is no need for a machine room, there is a greater benefit to the structure and cost of the building. This allows the architects to have greater flexibility and convenience in design, giving the designer more freedom and eliminating the need for In the engine room, for the owner, the cost of building a non-room villa elevator is lower than that of an organic elevator.

3. Due to the particularity of the overall design of some antique building buildings and the requirements for the roof, the elevator problem must be solved within an effective height. Therefore, the machine-roomless elevator is very suitable for such building needs. In addition, in the places with scenic spots, due to the room The height of the floors destroys the local ethnicity of the country. If a machine roomless elevator is used, it is not necessary to set up the main room of the elevator separately, which can effectively reduce the height of the building.

4. It is inconvenient to set up machine for elevators, such as hotels, hotel annexes, and podiums.

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