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Building Problems Needing Attention In Elevator Selection And Configuration
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Elevator is a vertical transportation tool of buildings. The choice of elevator is related to the rational use of the whole building, especially for high-rise modern buildings. Excellent type selection means that passengers and cargo flow quickly, conveniently and safely in the building, which means increasing the utilization of building area, saving equipment and energy and reducing costs. Therefore, in the architectural design stage, architects, Elevator Engineers and owners should closely cooperate with the selection of reasonable elevators, so that the elevator really become the building of this solidified music of the harmonious jumping notes.

Elevator type selection and configuration should be carefully aware of the building's own situation and use of the environment, including the use of buildings, scale, height, passenger and cargo flow. For example, when analyzing elevator traffic, you need to know the following:

(1) The use of buildings, divided into office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, Department stores, hospitals, libraries, stations, and other multi-functional, multi-purpose comprehensive buildings, such as intelligent buildings. Even in office buildings, there are also special buildings, quasi-special buildings, zoned rental buildings, layered rental buildings.

(2) floor number, floor height and lift height.

(3) the number of buildings and their distribution at all levels.

(4) The effective use area of each floor and its use (such as conference rooms, restaurants, shops, offices, etc.).

(5) floor area per person.

(6) there are traffic stations and underground streets around or below the building.

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