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Car Elevator Purchase Guide
- May 25, 2018 -

In the purchase of car elevators, price, configuration and other factors are more important, but customers should first understand the service objects, transport capacity, work performance, and civil and design requirements for wells, engine rooms, etc. of the elevators. Suitable for your own elevator:

Shaft actual conditions. The car elevator must be installed in a closed well environment. The actual condition of the hoistway determines the size and dimensions of the final car elevator. Including well width, depth, pit and engine room conditions.

Rated load. The elevator load capacity (Kg) specified by the manufacturer or design is the main parameter of the elevator. Generally, 3000kg, 4000kg and 5000kg are available for selection, or the customer may request non-standard elevators.

Rated speed. The elevator speed specified in the manufacturing or design, in m/s, is the main parameter of the elevator. The general speed of the car elevator is 0.5m/s, and in special cases it can be designed to not exceed 1.0m/s.

Car size. The car size of a typical car elevator can be understood as the inner net size and the outer size, expressed in terms of depth, width, and height. However, the former is more often used by customers themselves, and the latter is more commonly used by car elevator manufacturers. The reason is that customers consider more of their own effects, and it is more convenient for car elevator manufacturers to calculate the size of the hoistway. Therefore, the customer must confirm which car size he needs to be quoted.

Open the door way. The structure of car doors and hall doors is generally wider than the opening width of car elevators, so it is generally divided into two or three-fold.

Raise the height. The car elevator runs from the ground floor to the height of the top floor. If organic rooms are hauled, this will have little impact on prices. If it is a hydraulic car elevator, it must be measured accurately, because the height of the lift determines the length of the hydraulic cylinder, and the price of the hydraulic cylinder is relatively expensive.

Top height. The height of the car elevator from the bottom station to the top station is also very important because the top level must meet the national acceptance criteria.

The number of stops and the number of hall doors and car doors. Has a considerable impact on prices.

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