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Cause Analysis Of Failure Of Elevator Parts In Operation
- Dec 14, 2018 -

In the elevator structure mine, the normal operation mainly depends on mechanical, driving circuit and electrical control, which can not be lack of any link. There are many reasons for elevator failure, which can be roughly divided into mechanical failure and electrical failure.

(1) The causes of elevator failure include the following aspects: loosening of connectors, natural wear and tear, lubrication system problems, mechanical fatigue and the failure of elevator circuit control system to compete for production and operation.

(2) Electrical reasons. In the elevator automatic switching equipment, there are bad contacts between the outlet of the components and the connection lines; in the process of elevator operation, there are short-circuit or short-circuit phenomena in the electrical circuits and components, such as adhesion of the contact points of the electrical components; due to the improper and untimely maintenance of the elevator equipment, the electrical components are polluted by dust; with the passage of time, the electrical components and wires are polluted by dust. The aging and dampness of the road have resulted in the loss of insulation effect. It can be seen from this that the main cause of electrical failure is the main circuit. To a large extent, after elevator operation and use for a period of time, it will easily appear that contactor contacts are oxidized, the fragments of electrical components contact fatigue or poor contact, contact dropping and bearings are greatly worn. Therefore, according to the actual situation, the causes of elevator failure are analyzed. In order to effectively troubleshoot, but also to strengthen the maintenance of the elevator, to ensure the normal operation of the elevator.

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