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Choose Fit Car For Villa Elevator
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Villa sales boom brings the popularity of villa elevators, for the convenience and safety of family members, especially the elderly and children upstairs and downstairs, many families choose to install domestic villa elevators after villa decoration. But when choosing the villa elevator, often do not know how to choose the villa elevator size, or do not know what kind of villa elevator size suitable for their villas, today Xiaobian to solve this problem for everyone.

Household elevator

1, the minimum size of the villa elevator and load-related because the capacity of different household villa elevator, space size is different, natural size is also different. Generally speaking, the people who usually live in the villa are 3-5 people. In order to ensure the minimum size, we should carefully consider the safety problem. According to the condition that the villa elevator can satisfy three people at the same time, the relatively safe minimum rated load is 320 kg, and the general size of the car (width * depth) is 850 mm * 1100 mm. Whether there are often foreign people at home, the rated load of the elevator can be properly increased, the specific size of the villa elevator to install, but also need to consult a professional villa elevator staff, after all, safety is the most important.

2. The smallest elevator size is related to the type of villa elevator. Choosing different types of villa elevator can also affect the size of villa elevator, which is usually ignored when people choose villa elevator.

3. The smallest elevator size of domestic villas is related to the shaft size. The shaft size of villa elevator directly affects the elevator size of domestic villas. With the popularization of villa elevator, 95% of domestic villas are equipped with shaft. The elevator size of current mainstream villas is more suitable. Owners only need to compare safety and after-sales maintenance. . In fact, the owners choose to install the most important villa elevator is for the convenience and comfort of the family, more important is safety, regardless of the size of the villa elevator, we must fully consider the safety factors.

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