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Daily Management Of Villa Elevator
- Sep 03, 2018 -

(1) attach importance to the management of elevators, establish and stick to practical rules and regulations.

(2) Driver-controlled elevators must be equipped with full-time drivers, and elevators without driver-controlled elevators must be equipped with managers. Apart from drivers and managers, maintenance personnel should also be provided according to the specific local conditions of the unit. Units permitted by the conditions should be equipped with full-time maintenance personnel. Units that can not be equipped with full-time maintenance personnel should also designate a fitter and an electrician to take part in the mechanical and electrical maintenance of the elevator. The maintenance personnel must be trained and remain relatively stable.

(3) formulate and adhere to the safe operation rules of drivers and maintenance personnel.

(4) formulate and adhere to the routine maintenance and pre inspection system of maintenance personnel, each with their own responsibilities.

(5) When drivers, managers and maintenance personnel find unsafe factors, they should take timely measures until they stop using them.

(6) If it is reused after more than a week of suspension, it should be carefully checked and tested before it can be delivered for further use.

(7) all metal housings of the elevator electrical equipment must adopt protective grounding or zero connection measures.

(8) fire extinguishing equipment should be provided in the engine room.

(9) lighting power and power supply should be separately supplied.

(10) the working conditions and technical conditions of elevators should comply with the provisions of random technical documents and relevant standards.

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