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Development Of Elevator Buttons
- May 24, 2018 -

As the building height increases, the number of elevator landings increases, and more elevators in some landings use numeric keypads instead of numerous buttons in the car.

The National Standard specifies that the buttons of one of the groups in a barrier-free elevator car shall be no less than 900mm and no more than 1200mm above the floor. For elevators with more stops or limited space, setting the numeric keypad can reduce the number of buttons and meet the requirements of the national standard.

With continuous development, the touch screen has also become a member of the elevator selection system. Traditional elevators only use the display screen to report stations or play videos. In recent years, some manufacturers have used the touch screen to select layers. In addition to the use of the selected layer, it can also be used for credit card or no card input.

In addition to touching the display screen, there is also a sensor operating panel that does not require user contact. The user can only summon the elevator in front of the sensor. The entire process does not have to touch or press, which can greatly reduce the chance of bacteria spreading from the button.

The elevator sensor panel can operate with the broadcasting system, for example, when selecting a floor button, a music sound is broadcast for confirmation. When the alarm bell is pressed, a voice such as “Please keep calm” is broadcast to improve the coordination between the elevator and the user.

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