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Difference Between Emergency Electric Operation And Emergency Operation Of Elevators
- May 25, 2018 -

Emergency Electric Operation Control For an elevator driving unit with a force greater than 400N required to lift a car with a rated capacity by human operation, an emergency electric operation switch meeting the requirements shall be provided in the engine room. The elevator drive unit should be powered from a normal power source or from a backup power source (if any). At the same time the following conditions should also be met:

1. The emergency electric operation switch shall be allowed to operate from the engine room, and the car shall be controlled by a button pressed continuously to prevent misoperation. The direction of operation should be clearly marked;

2. After the emergency electric operation switch is operated, all operations of the car shall be prevented except those controlled by the switch. Once the overhaul operation is implemented, emergency electric operation shall be invalidated;

3. The following electric devices shall be rendered ineffective by the emergency electric operation switch itself or by another conforming electrical switch:

   1) Electrical safety devices on the safety gear;

   2) Electrical safety devices on speed limiters;

   3) Electrical safety devices on the car's upward speeding protection device;

   4) limit switch;

   5) Electrical safety devices on the buffer.

4. The emergency electric operation switch and its operation button should be set at the place where it is easy to directly observe the elevator drive host during use;

5. The speed of the car should not exceed 0.63m/s.


Urgent measures for operation:

1. All operation operation commands are ordered by the squad leader.

2. Subsidiary orders must be well documented, and the report leader should be ordered by the monitor. Special circumstances can be ordered by the secondary value of the operation, according to the program, so that the operation is correct.

3. For each operation, the squad leader orders the operator to repeat the song to confirm the work place and specific equipment. The operation procedure is correct before it can be operated.

4. The operations involving close contact with the host computer are operated by the secondary value. Before the operation, the control device is used. After the confirmation, the operation can be performed.

5. No one can overstep the squad leader and direct the operator to conduct the operation and electrical operation. Temporarily perform the operation with the personnel above the secondary value to avoid mistakes. It is necessary to consult and confirm the correct operation.

6. If the equipment is unclear, the location is unclear, the defect is not eliminated, the boundary is unclear, and the operation is unsure, if there is a hidden danger, first confirm whether it can be operated, and after the confirmation, proceed with the operation.

7. When ordering, it must be clear who the other party is, whether it is the commander, and whether they have the right to direct desulphurization, ash removal and slag removal. Otherwise, they can refuse to operate.

8. Before the squad leader takes over the class, he must go through all the equipment and then enter the control room to conduct shifts. The squad leader should stop the patrol and abnormal scene in the control room, equipment, and not on the site of equipment maintenance.

9. When an accident occurs on site, the incident involving the host immediately reports a long value, and then reports the operation of the special project and the project manager and the production department, the general accident reporting operation, and the maintenance and repair report.

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