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Does Electromagnetism Interfere With The Normal Operation Of Elevators?
- Dec 14, 2018 -

Electromagnetic interference will also affect the normal operation of elevators. Firstly, the noise of power supply mainly comes from the power supply or the inbound line intruding into the system. If the system uses the power supply together with the changeable heavy load, the noise interference will occur. When the lead of the power supply is longer, the voltage will drop, and the induced potential will produce a certain degree of noise interference, which will affect the normal operation of the system and lead to the loss of information in crisis. The wrong action. Second, the noise generated by the input line. When the input line has a common ground line with itself or other systems, it will invade the input line and produce noise. If the input signal is very small, it will cause system errors. Thirdly, electrostatic noise. Because of the static electricity generated by friction, although Hannah smiles, but the voltage can reach a high volt, so when people with high potential contact the computer version, it is possible to discharge the charges generated by the human body to the system. These currents will produce noise, which will affect the normal operation of the whole system, and even damage electronic components.

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