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Don't Be Nervous. These Are Not Elevator Failures.
- Sep 17, 2018 -

Citizens of the elevator shutdown trapped people, defective suspension and other security risks or personal experience, or have seen reports, elevator skills complex structure, quiet shaft, car narrow, faults are not uncommon, accidents occur from time to time... It is inevitable that the general public will be frightened and questioned about the safety of household elevator.

What are the usual phenomena of elevator failures?

Full load elevator constantly: after the elevator car is full, to avoid overloading, no longer echo the next station's external call.

Overloaded elevators do not go: more and more people know this, backward passengers can also voluntarily withdraw.

The elevator does not close or repeatedly open and close: there are sundries or screens on the doorway or floor.

The elevator suddenly dropped to the lowest floor and resumed normal operation from scratch: after the elevator is disconnected and reconnected, the reference azimuth of the flat floor should be determined from scratch.

Elevator to the first floor of the parking ladder does not open the door: by the building smoke or heat sensitive sensors triggered the elevator fire forced landing function.

After the elevator suddenly flat door does not go, a few minutes after the active recovery operation: elevator (escalator) operation time too long motor overheating, in order to avoid burning motor cooling after the active recovery operation.

Elevator repair in the "rapid drop" phenomenon: when maintenance personnel in the computer room to the elevator maintenance operation, and in the second floor of the staircase, the public just saw the call display screen status switching moment, and heard the elevator stop when the sound, so it will form a "rapid drop" misunderstanding.

The elevator stops on a floor for a long time without moving or calling: Maybe the elevator administrator starts the driver's operation.

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