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Easons For Temperature Rise In Elevator Room
- Oct 13, 2018 -

1.the structural location of the engine room itself.

Most of the elevator room is on the top floor of the building, and some of the machine room is a raised special room on the roof of the building. The roof and four walls of the machine room are all external protective structures. The exterior envelope is also known as the exterior wall, its temperature is closely related to the greenhouse temperature, thus affecting the indoor temperature.

In summer high temperature weather, outdoor temperature is high, the temperature of the outer envelope is also high, which leads to the increase of indoor temperature in the computer room. For a room, the larger the ratio of the external envelope to the whole maintenance structure, the greater the influence of the indoor temperature by the outdoor temperature, so the location of the computer room determines the computer room in summer is affected by environmental temperature and solar radiation more room.

2.the heat emitted by the elevator electrical system.

The main heating components of the electrical system of the engine room are frequency converter, braking resistor and motor. Frequency converter and motor are due to their own efficiency reasons, consume part of the electric energy, in the form of heat release; braking resistance is the elevator regenerative power consumption, in the form of heat release. The two parts of the heat are sent to the engine room to cause room temperature rise.

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