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Eight Application Technologies Of Elevator
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Eight application technologies of elevator

1. Full digit identification passenger Technology (all passengers are identified before entering elevator, including eye recognition, fingerprint identification).

2, digital intelligent security control technology (through passenger identification system or IC card and digital monitoring device, refuse entry of foreign personnel).

The 3, fourth generation without the machine room elevator technology (the main machine must be separated from the guide and car, complete no resonance resonance, speed can reach more than 2.0M/S, the maximum can be used in more than 30 layers.)

4, two-way safety protection technology (two-way safety clamp, two-way speed limiter, must be used in Europe, China is being widely used).

5, rapid installation technology (change the past elevator installation method, can be quickly assembled).

6, energy saving technology (using energy saving technology to make the elevator more energy efficient).

7, digital monitoring technology (fully using computer for elevator monitoring and control).

8. The wireless remote control and alarm device (when the elevator fails, the elevator can send the fault information to the mobile phone through the wireless device, and send the signal through the mobile phone to carry on the simple control to the elevator.)

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