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Elevator Accessories Market, To Further Expand The Advantages
- Feb 02, 2018 -

At present, elevator manufacturers said that the current elevator industry is highly concentrated and there is a trend of further concentration. As the downstream elevator industry market is further concentrated, only a few elevator component manufacturers with advantages in terms of quality, cost performance and delivery speed can obtain downstream elevator manufacturers favor, and downstream customers maintain a lasting solid relations of cooperation, the market share of the downstream elevator industry with the gradual expansion of the development.

elevator manufacturers said the whole elevator market relative to the lift, accessories manufacturers higher technical requirements, to the market a new set of many barriers. At present, the number of elevator manufacturers in China is close to more than 700, while large-scale elevator parts enterprises are maintained at around 200. In terms of elevator whole-lift industry, newly-built enterprises mainly face capital, market and other barriers. The core and key components and parts can be solved through outsourcing or outsourcing processing. The threshold of production and technology is relatively low. Parts companies face a number of barriers such as customer certification, technology, human resources and capital. New entrants have higher barriers to entry and have more difficulty entering the catalog of suppliers of world-renowned elevator manufacturers.

Before establishing a cooperative relationship, well-known elevator machine manufacturers generally need to evaluate the comprehensive capabilities of suppliers in R & D and design capability, production equipment, production technology, production environment, quality assurance system, service system and other aspects, Product quality to fully assess. Therefore, the new entrants only through the review of the entire ladder manufacturers, suppliers included in the directory, have the availability of qualified. This process is rigorous and lasts for a long time, so new entrants have greater barriers to developing client and client certifications.

elevator products focus on safety and reliability, so elevator manufacturers choose the supplier attaches great importance to the company's brand and reputation in the industry. Brand influence is the identification of the enterprise's comprehensive ability and long-term performance accumulation in the industry, and is the concentrated expression of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises with good brand influence are generally more likely to gain the client's approval and can take a dominant position among a large number of competitors and thus have the ability to continue as a going concern. For new entrants, it is difficult to establish a good market image in a short period of time, and the market influence needs a long time to accumulate.

Meanwhile, the elevator and its accessories industry are capital-intensive industries. Such as the issuer of heavy pieces and sheet metal parts and other elevator accessories, need to invest a lot of money to purchase fixed assets, such as the construction of large plants, equipped with a variety of machining equipment. In order to pass the qualified supplier evaluation and the timely delivery of quality and quantity, elevator fittings enterprises must invest a lot of money in R & D and production equipment to ensure that technology development capability, production capacity and management ability can meet the requirements of large customers. At the same time, large customer payment credit period is generally longer, but also requires businesses have plenty of liquidity to ensure the normal operation of production and operation. Enterprises without a certain amount of capital accumulation, it is more difficult to get big client recognition, it is difficult to seek development in a highly competitive market.

elevator manufacturers analysts believe that, due to firmly grasp the market opportunities, the future Valin Seiko will lift this sunrise industry share a huge dividend. At present, China's elevator industry is still facing a good opportunity for development. The future demand mainly comes from the new urbanization process, aging population structure, protection of housing construction and adaptation to the requirements of new elevator regulations for large-scale elevator upgrades and export growth.

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