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Elevator And City Life
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Twenty or thirty years ago, the city began to expand from the land of China, people have not been accustomed to the existence of the elevator.An old man was brought to the city from the countryside by his children,all the villagers asked the old man almost joking when he back:Is the city curious? He said:Anything else, that's what it's called the elevator. It's really interesting.As the door opened and closed, all changed as a magic trick.

While Now, for the elevator, people have never been accustomed to regard it as an ideal of course, there is a kind of existence.

The city needs the elevator, as Kafka said, "a bird looking for a cage".The functionality elevator equipment is so strong that it lacks poetic items, like a vertical submarine hidden in the building.With a small space load in the crowd, quietly walking in reinforced concrete.This cage inspires people to imagine that. At the beginning, it needs a full time driver to operate and make great efforts efforts to decorate in the external.With the development of technology, the transparent glass is added to reduce the fear of the people.

It is a silence in the passenger elevator,If you are ready to talk, natural blockbuster.When you are together with a boss, a colleague or a client,In twenty or thirty seconds, is to smile and nod, or speak with jest to defuse the silence?This is a same embarrassing problem if meeting with the men's toilet.So those who are committed to the success of the training division found that this major business opportunities.The great concept of "elevator speech" was invented.Teach people how to speak in this twenty or thirty seconds, in order make customers or leaders have a pleasant impression.

It can be said that the elevator is one of the best places to describe the spirit of the modern city.In the hit series "mad men", the Madison street in 1960s in New York as the background of the story, almost every episode appears to be a lift play.The editor of the Wall Street journal also had a chat with the screenwriter, executive producer Matthew Wiener.Wiener said,so much of the elevator scene is because the elevator is a private matter can occur in public space.Elevator movements metaphor the characters in the rise and fall of the cause and the sense of being.It took us modern people daily simulation fly up to the clouds, falling into the abyss.Suddenly give birth to look forward to, suddenly determined.

So the elevator companies now are paying more attention to the elevator designs.

Since Modern city life has been unable to leave the elevator.It is no longer just a simple means of transport, it is also a very important place to live.Is a special living space, into the life of the interpretation of life.


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