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Elevator And Environmental Protection
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The research of green environmental protection elevators abroad mainly focuses on the manufacture, configuration, and energy saving of elevators, and the reduction of environmental pollution. At the elevator exhibition held recently, green elevator products have become the focus of attention in the industry. Relevant persons predict that the green and environmental protection elevator will become the dominant product in the elevator market in the future. Whoever has its core technology will have the initiative to take the next step in competition.

  Most people may think that there is no big relationship between elevators and environmental protection. Experts cautioned that, in fact, the cumulative damage caused by old-fashioned elevator noise, space, and energy consumption is quite alarming. In the construction of urban environmental protection communities in the future, how to minimize the harm to the environment caused by elevators is also a very important issue.

Research shows that elevator energy consumption accounts for about 3% to 7% of the building's total energy consumption. It is related to the function of the building, the height of the floor, the area, and the passenger flow. To reduce energy consumption of elevators, the following measures are usually taken: full utilization and reuse of raw materials, optimization of the number of elevators and elevator parameters, selection of efficient drive systems, reduction of inertia and frictional resistance of elevator mechanical systems, and rational application of counterweights. Or balance weight, use of energy-efficient lighting, passenger flow and cargo planning, the layout of the entrance and so on. All these measures need to be pre-optimized in the elevator design and determination.

In addition, the advantage of placing the elevator room on the roof can also be used to add solar energy as an additional energy source for the elevator.

The energy consumption of elevators in buildings is also valued by the government. In Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, a technical regulation for the energy consumption limit of elevators and escalators will be drafted. Limitations include: maximum allowable power, operation division of elevators, selection of control systems, distortion of power harmonics, total The power factor and so on.

As the only large-capacity electrical appliance that is frequently started in a building, the elevator is also the culprit of electromagnetic interference. The electromagnetic radiation generated by the elevator's electrical and electronic devices will affect the building’s office equipment such as radios, televisions, computers, cordless phones, and so on. In hospitals, the braking of frequency-conversion speed-adjusting elevators can even directly affect the waveform of nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus.

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