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Elevator Button Usage Notes
- May 09, 2018 -

When the passenger is riding in the elevator car, he should touch the selection button or the door button. Do not use force or use sharp objects (such as keys, umbrellas, crutches, etc.) to strike the button. When hands have water or other oil, they should be wiped as far as possible before the layer selection operation to avoid contamination of the button, or because the water infiltrates into the back of the control panel, leading to a circuit breaker or even direct electric shock to passengers.


When the passenger leads the children to the elevator, be sure to look after the children. Do not allow the children to randomly press the buttons on the control panel inside the car. If no floor the person needs to reach is selected, the elevator will stop at this floor, which will not only reduce The use efficiency of the elevator has increased the power consumption, and it has also greatly increased the waiting time of passengers on other floors. Because some elevators have the function of canceling numbers, pressing buttons indiscriminately may also cause the floor selection signal that other passengers in the car have already selected to be cancelled, so that the elevator cannot stop at the preset landing station. If the elevator has the function of preventing chaos, pressing buttons indiscriminately will cause all selection signals to be cancelled, which also brings inconvenience to passengers.

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