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Elevator Decoration Design
- May 28, 2018 -

Elevator car shape design

In the entire decoration process of the passenger lift, the use of pattern elements for decoration, not only occupy space, but also can play a better visual effect. Due to the small space, the use of erroneous methods, the use of points, lines, face size comparison, to create a "psychological space." At the same time, full use of modern decorative materials and processing techniques to enrich the spatial level.


Elevator car color matching

Space color should mainly meet the functional and spiritual requirements, the purpose is to make people feel comfortable. In terms of functional requirements, first of all, we should carefully analyze the application of each space, such as: residential construction: to comfort, warm as the goal, mainly in weak contrast color. When color designing the elevator space, it is necessary to embody a sense of stability, rhythm, and rhythm, seek change in unity, and seek unity in change.


Elevator car design texture

Through the contrast of different texture materials, create a texture that meets people's aesthetic requirements, aesthetic taste and aesthetic habits, adopt new materials, or pattern, and can also enrich spatial levels and beautify effects through other techniques. However, it is necessary to consider the functionality of the elevator itself and the coordination of the overall environment.


Elevator car lighting

Since the passenger elevator space is a public space, the user has uncertainty, mobility, and short residence time. In the entire lighting plan, it should be based on practicality, supplemented by an atmosphere. Illumination should use indirect lighting, soft and uniform light, so that the entire elevator decoration better.


Passenger lift decoration design

Passenger elevators are elevators designed to transport passengers and are mainly used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other places with large passenger flow. Therefore, many combinations of various materials and colors are used. The interior materials are extremely elegant. The online bars and stylings do their best. Each nuance focuses on the elegance, luxury, elegance, safety and comfort. Space gives a pleasing visual experience. And the use of different color temperature differences and different light source treatment, can be dim and warm, can be bright and light, reflecting the different elevator decoration styles, to create the best atmosphere for a variety of environmental requirements

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